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The complete G66 version 1.5 ZIP file is the only thing you need to install the G66 MOD, all known maps and have it patched to version 1.5. This is an all in one package to make life easier!

Note: The Rev.D patch updates many of the FE MPI maps including several of the maps that are in the complete map pack version 4. So, please make sure to re-apply Rev.D if you add in the complete FE map pack version 4 after Rev.D.

BZ2 1.3 Public Beta 6 (89.0MB)
BZ2 1.3 Public Beta 5.1 (87.8MB)
BZ2 1.3 Public Beta 5: Tech Alpha 5 (87.93MB)
BZ2 Version 1.3 Public Beta 4a (44.98MB)
BZ2 Version 1.3 Public Beta 4 (44.3MB)
FE Multiplayer Rev.D (9.58MB)
Complete FE Map Pack Version 4 (21.1MB)
Full FE Installer (includes Rev.C) 263.46MB)
Fix Full FE Install (that includes Rev.C) (1KB)
Complete G66 version 1.5 ZIP (23.86MB)****
BZ2 Command Line Options
My G66 MPI Map Pack 1 (614KB)
My G66 MPI Map Pack 2 (126MB)
My G66 MPI Map Pack 3 (1.31MB)
Square Eye's G66 MPI Map Pack (1.18MB)
{420}G66 MPI Map Pack (813KB)
{420}G66 MPI Map Pack 2 (2.91MB)
BZ2 Version 1.2 Patch (6.17MB)
No-CD patch for all versions (174KB)
Stack Over-Flow fix for 1.2 (179KB)
BZ2 Blank Starter Maps (26KB)
FE MPI Map Pack 1 (559KB)
FE MPI Map Pack 2 (788KB)
Photoshop PIC Filter (8KB)
BZ2 Pak Explorer (172KB)
AIP Editor by FE group (480KB)
BETA Team Map Pack 1 (2.53MB)
{LOC}StormFront G66 MPI Map Pack (700KB)
BETA Team G66 Map Pack One (6.41MB)
3DS-PIC plug-in
How to repair FE by Centerline
BZ2 XSI compilation from Pandemic (16MB)

BZ2 v1.2 Multi-Player DLLs Source (265KB)

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What is BZ2
BZ2 (Battlezone II) is an incredible mix of first person shooter, real-time strategy, and cooperative team play. The original release was hurried and bug ridden resulting in terrible reviews. Subsequent patches have transformed the PC game into one of the best games you will ever experience. There is a very active player community with hundreds of player created maps, units, buildings, weapons, scenarios, and numerous other modifications. The game can be custom programmed to create completely new ways to play. Several good examples are the G66 and FE mods. One creates a very different game environment and the other creates a new level of difficulty and mayhem.

Several of the Pandemic programmers are still actively maintaining and bug squashing on their own time. This is a one of a kind game that really hooks you because you can play against the computer with team mates or against other humans with team mates.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the files I have here or how to use the many mods out there.