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Motorized 3-Way True Union Ball Valves

Need to make some waves? Look no farther . . .


This custom order valve is the ultimate way to generate wave action in large aquariums without cycling pumps!  Put this valve between your pump and your aquarium to divert flow between two separate returns.  This way you can have the valve cycle flow back and forth between the two returns creating wave action as determined by your favorite wave timer.  This will save you a lot of money and head-aches.

(It is highly recommended that you don't cycle pumps on and off repeatedly as this causes excessive heat in the motor windings and undue mechanical stress on the impeller and shaft.  From our experiences, we have found that if you do choose to cycle your pumps you can expect them to last about 6 - 9 months.)

This valve uses our high quality PVC three way true union ball valve with a "T" ported ball.  The wide Teflon seats ensure long life and the EPDM seals ensure compatibility for all aquariums.

  • Uses our high quality PVC three way true union ball valve with a "T" ported ball.
  • Wide Teflon seats ensure long life.
  • "T" style ball ensures valve is never closed.  Minimizes back pressure stress, and ensures that you will always have flow, even if the motor stops working.
  • Short cycle times give maximum flexibility.
  • Very low energy draw minimizes operating costs.
  • Can be located in pump room to reduce clutter in tank stand.
  • Quiet reversing motor.
  • Designed for long life under grueling usage.
  • Manual override provided.
  • NEMA 4 motor case provides water resistant safety.

Click here for an animated wiring explanation

3-Way Motorized True Union Ball Valves w/ EPDM Seals





MOV-007 3/4" FPT & SOC 750 N/A
MOV-010 1" FPT & SOC 750 N/A
MOV-015 1 1/2" FPT & SOC 750 N/A
MOV-020 2" FPT & SOC 750 N/A
Not prewired.  Custom wiring available for additional charge.
See our tips on sizing.

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